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Register Software & Request Your Key Codes


Software is permitted for Install & Use On Two Computers.

  1. Run PC or Mac version of the software that you will find on your usb drive or down below on this page.
  2. After loading the application you will get a small window that shows the UUID# identification number for your computer. Copy the UUID# and fill out the registration form.
  3. Your unique Key Code will unlock your copy of Quilted Photo Deluxe 3.0 and will be delivered to your email. Check your inbox and your spam folder. Please write them down on the form inside your software packaging & keep in a safe place for proof of purchase in the future.

    Click Here To View Re-Plays Of  Triangulation Classes:
    Class #1

    QPD3.0 Download Links (updated 1/10/24)
    Apple Link
    Apple Link (INTEL)
    Windows Link

    Java  21

    Java 21 Windows version (required)
    Java 21 JDK directly: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/downloads/#jdk21-windows

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