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Amazing Quilting Film


This package contains 2 yards iron-off quilting film. This inexpensive film is a priceless aid for easy freemotion quilting. It is visually clear so you can see right through it! Use with 100% cotton fabric only. come 40″ wide
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1. Spray smooth side of film with an adhesive spray.
2. Adhere the film to quilt top.
3. Mark film with pen or marker. (first test for ink leakage in a hidden area)
4. Stitch quilt top right through film. After stitching, use a very hot iron to remove film. Apply iron directly on top of film. Do not use any barrier between film and the plate of the iron.
5. Keep moving iron in a circular motion until film has come off completely.
6. Wipe iron while still hot.

$8.95 + Shipping


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