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Simply/More Amazing Quilted Photo(Beginner) – $12.99

Learn This Classic Technique. Timeless, Beautiful & Easy! Learn how to make a pixel quilt with pieced squares. You will learn how to make quilts like this quickly. Each quilted pixel quilt takes only a short time to make and you’ll learn the simple sewing technique that will reduce your sewing time by 85%. The quilts look intricate and difficult to make, but it’s easy…even if you are just beginning to quilt.

You should print out this outline and put it in a binder
with all of your notes.When you finish the course, you will have an organized, and customized workbook filled with amazing ideas and techniques that you will use as a treasured reference for years to come!

Important Note: we will be learning more then you can read in the book alone! This course contains new ideas and a special bonus technique!

Most Popular Class For Beginners!

Learn to transform ordinary fabric strips n’ pieces into unbelievably beautiful photographic quilts!   In this course you will learn how to make your photo quilts look more painted and less digital. This course includes 4 easy techniques! Your friends will be amazed when they realize your quilt is really a photograph! As seen on Friends of Kaye on PBS, and Sewing With Nancy on PBS. One of Tammie’s quilts made with this technique was bought by the Shelbourn Museum.


How To Sew Art Vol.1 (Intermediate) – $47

You’ll learn how to do this amazing stitch art contoured quilting technique.  This course will allow you to make quilts that are ART… they catch the attention of all who see them. Even rock stars! My student Jean took the class and her quilt caught the eye of Rod Stewart himself!

Tammie won the Japan Award at Quilt National ’07 with the techniques you’ll learn in this course!

!!BONUS!! You will get this beautiful “Gerber Daisey” pattern as a free download.


How to Sew Art Vol.2 – $47

This fun course teaches you how to make amazing quilts using drawings or even paintings. Make quilts from your kids or grand children’s drawings or even your own paintings. These cute quilts will keep them warm and will be a keepsake forever remembering the children’s drawings when they were small.


Free – Software Video Help

Learn How To Correctly Use All Of The Functions Of Quilted Photography Software!

This Basic Course includes how to use all of the functions of Quilted Photography software (including Valuations, Stitch-A-Sketch, Quilted Photo Xpress and Quilted Photo Deluxe) ! As seen on “Quilting Arts TV” and “Sewing With Nancy” on PBS.

To view the lessons in this course you must first register for an account on this website then login (see login link at the top of the page) then click the “take this course” button above.

This FREE course includes: 10 Lesson Videos and 2 helpful downloads + Quilted Photo Deluxe 2.0 trial software (to try if you don’t already own the software).


Free – Quilted Photography on PBS


Free – Mini Course & Quilted Photo Deluxe 2.0 Software Trial


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