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Workshops and Lectures

Call Office during business hours to  inquire about date availability.
Dates still available for 2020 and 2021.


  • Lectures:  $350 when combined with workshop or $600.00 for lecture alone.
  • Six-hour classes and multi day classes: $750 per day. There is no maximum number of students, providing the classroom is adequate. Each student must have at least 30″ to 36” of table space.

If I will be flying to your location, I will send your group a master copy of the class handout, which you can print and collate for the group members. If I will be traveling by car, I will duplicate the handouts and bring them myself.

In Tammie’s workshops and lectures a number of items will be available for sale to interested students. The guild / group will not expect to collect any commission on these sales. Tammie will not promote these items during the class, nor will she spend class time selling them. They are simply available for sale to interested students.  These items may include:

  • Books and Software by Tammie
  • Hand dyed fabrics packs and/or kits by Tammie
  • Tools and notions needed by students to complete the workshop projects.

Fabric dyed in color and value gradations will be available for sale in classes that require graduated colors for completion of the project. Prices vary, depending on the number of colors in the packets, and the size of the individual pieces. Students are not required to use this fabric, but may bring fabric from home as specified on the supply list.

I will need a digital projector to display the lecture presentation from my computer. If a digital projector is available at your venue, please let me know. You will also need to provide:

  • Room that can be darkened. Projected images will not show up in a light room.
  • Projector stand
  • Small table near podium for computer
  • Screen which is large enough to see clearly from the back of the room. If more than 30 people will be in the audience, please have a large screen or large blank, white wall available. Slides shown on a home movie screen cannot be seen from the back of the room.
  • Public address system (preferably with lavaliere microphone) for audiences of more than fifty people.
  • Tables for display of work


  • At least two tables for display and one additional table for demonstration.
  • Table space with enough room for each student to work (at least 30″ to 36” each)
  • Room must have adequate lighting and ventilation


How To Sew Art!
This lecture will tell how “Quilted Photography” was developed. I will share with the group how I remain creative. I will show my first quilts and the newest quilts to explain the evolution of “Quilted Photography” from the beginning till now. This lecture is funny, entertaining, informative and inspiring!


Easy & Amazing Quilted Photography
In my class you will transform ordinary fabric strips in to unbelievably beautiful photographic quilts! You will choose your own photo to quilt. The quilts look intricate and difficult to make, but it’s easy, even if you are just beginning to quilt. Each quilted photo takes only a few hours to make and you’ll learn the simple sewing techniques that will reduce your sewing time by 85%. Your friends will gasp in amazement when they realize your quilt is really a photograph! This class is based on my second book “More Amazing Quilted Photography”. As seen on HGTV’s “Simply Quilts” (episode #819), Friends of Kaye on PBS, Sewing With Nancy.

 Amazingly Contoured Quilted Photography
In this class you will learn how to make an amazing photo quilt with my free form technique. This technique is what I used to get into the Smithsonian Craft Show and also to win the Japan award for Quilt National. This class is based on my fourth book “How To Sew Art”.

Visuals to promote workshop and lecture can be sent upon request including biographical material and pictures for brochures, newsletters, and introductions.

Arrangements will be made by Tammie or  travel agent chosen by the guild/group. If you decide to use a travel agent,Tammie’s agreement on exact dates, routes, airline etc will be required.

If the arrangements are being made by Tammie, to secure the most economical airfare the guild/group must provided all necessary information  including exact dates and times of workshops and other events at least 90 days prior to the first scheduled event on the trip.

All travel expenses will be paid by the guild/group. These include:



  • When driving to workshops, Tammie will expect the group or group the economy airfare to your locations(s) or the mileage (60.8¢ per mile) whichever is less.


  • Round trip air fare
  • Transportation to Airport
    • Parking at LAX Airport ($35.00 per day – subject to change)
    • Shuttle to and from Tammie’s home:  (approximately $39.00 each way. Also subject to change.)

At Workshop Location

Ground Transportation

  • Arrangements will be made by the guild/conference to meet Tammie Bowser at airport locations with a vehicle adequate to handle three large (50 pound) suitcases.


  • Lodging in a private room in a hotel, motel, or private home.  Sleeping rooms must be free of pet hair or cigarette smoke.

The Guild may cancel a workshop due to insufficient enrollment at any time prior to the purchase of non- refundable airline tickets, or any other expenses incurred by Tammie.   If a workshop is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, Tammie must be notified before she has incurred any expenses.  If a workshop is canceled after the purchase of airline tickets, the guild will be responsible of paying for the tickets.  If a workshop is canceled, and coming to your group for fewer workshops or lectures than originally agreed upon in this contract will cause economic hardship for Tammie, she reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the contracted workshops / lectures. If your workshop cancels in the middle of a multi-venue tour, your group will be responsible for covering Tammie’s daily minimum fee of $500.00. If an engagement is cancelled while I am enroute or at the engagement location, the sponsor will be responsible for all contracted fees. If I am unable to fulfill this contract due to illness, injury, or serious family emergency all previously incurred expenses are my responsibility.

If Tammie will be in your area for extra days in order for your group to share expenses with other groups in your area, the guild / conference will be responsible for sharing all expenses on these extra days with the other groups involved.







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