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Are you a Quilt Artist or just a Quilter?

Before you get mad about my subject line…
keep reading… it will make sense in just a second.

What comes to my mind first is a book I read
years ago called “Drawing on the Right side of the Brain”.

Quite a few years back, before I had any success
as a Quilt Artist I read this book and it
has stuck with me. It has been one of the things
that I could never get out of my mind.

It makes sense…
In the book you learn to see things as they really
are… not as you think they should be to create an
accurate drawing. With this concept in mind, it should
be easy to make art, Even Quilted Art! Right?

It made sense to me.
And that’s why I kept trying different techniques and I kept
making photo quilts until my quilts looked like REAL ART!

The Crazy Thing is… What I Learned In That Book Really Worked.

I put together a formula that makes it easy to make
photographic quilts and I will share it with you today.


This is how choosing the right photo can make
your quilts more artistic:

You should already have downloaded 7-day trial
of Quilted Photo Deluxe 2.0 and you have probably
made patterns from your own photos by now.

I know it is fun to pick photos of the baby
faces and puppies but lets face it, snapshots
and even standard family portraits are not
what I would call art. I am not saying you
shouldn’t make photo quilts of the babies and
puppies…I’m just saying it is not art. Are you
upset with me for saying that? I hope not.

I Learned that instead of choosing a photo
based on my feelings, I learned to pay attention
to the light, dark and shadow placement
in the particular photo. I also trained my eyes
to see the photo in an “ARTISTIC” way. When I put
all of these new ideas into action my quilts
began to stand out.

Another thing that is important for my artistic
style is to crop the photos to make the focus
very obvious…..No extra background! Crop them
almost to much….almost but don’t go to far!

Did I shut myself off by limiting other potential ideas?
Yes. Was it worth it to gain the perception of
being highly “ARTISTIC”. Absolutely.

Now… my work was beginning to take on a recognizable
vibe or style… a particular look instead of a run of
the mill quilt like every other quilt. I was creating
my own style. And even better… if you create your own
style it can add an unspecified value to your quilts.

Be Polarizing in Your style. There are a million nice
quilts out there that fade into obscurity. If you
want your quilts to be noticed, you have to rock the
boat a little….be different…put people on edge (at
least at first). that’s how you get attention and
start to become an artist.

Once I did those things my quilts took on an entirely
different life. The fabric looked like photographs and with that
I started finding a lot more success… Right?

Not So Fast…
Just because I was making photos out of fabric didn’t
mean my I was finished learning and changing my artistic style.

Stay Tuned…. I tell you what happened tomorrow.

HowToSewArt.com/Mosaic Quilt Studio

P.S. I hope you’re enjoying this story of the
journey of how I became a Quilt Artist. If this
email helped you and you’re excited to hear about
another book I read that changed my quilts forever…Then
look for the next email tomorrow for the rest of the story.
Hit reply with any questions you have or to just say hey!!!

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