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Promotion Ideas

Sew Art Patterns are designed to be pleasing to customers as well as drive sales at retail locations. Retailers can offer our patterns as:

  • PDF files that can be purchased/and printed in-store
  • PDF files that can be emailed to customers to print at home
  • Retailers can stock traditional printed patterns
  • Or promote the patterns with pattern binder, brochures and other selling tools which contain a unique coupon code that allows them to make a profit even if a customer makes a purchase online for up to 90 days!

Sew Art Patterns serve as a starting point for add-on sales. Once your customer selects her favorite pattern, she can conveniently choose fabrics and notions from your shop as well!

We have assembled a list of our selling tools that will help your team educate customers about why they must have Sew Art Patterns.

What Unique Features Do Sew Art Patterns Offer?

  • Sew Art Patterns are breathing new life into beginner friendly sewing! The collection is designed to be both uniquely fashionable and completely simple to make—the customers interest will guide them the the best project.
  • The patterns feature easy to do fashion industry sewing methods, easy-to-understand sewing instruction written for novice, intermediate, and experienced sewers.
  • Every pattern includes an online video that show simple industry sewing techniques to make creating your garment enjoyable. It’s like each pattern comes with a mini sewing class!
  • You will receive printed sales brochures, coupons to give to interested customers that prompt them to also buy online.  You will still get a commission for up to 90 day when the customer uses your unique coupon code.

Promoting Sew Art Patterns in a Retail Environment

Garment Display Ideas

Anywhere you put a finished Sew Art Patterns garment, it’s almost certain to attract attention. Each season we are considering a trunk show to showcase the best selling patterns. If you’re interested in hosting one of the shows, please contact us from your wholesale dashboard.

Here are a few ways to display samples in your store:

  • On mannequins or dress forms: Seeing the garment on a figure can help your customer see them selves in the garment. Dress forms can be displayed in a window, on a table or counter, or near a wall. You can accessorize the dress form too.
  • On a hanger: Hangers can be hung almost anywhere. Think about other innovative placements as well. If you have a column or post in your shop, several hangers can be attached to it on different sides or angles for maximum effect.


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