Student Comments

Tammie’s method is ingenious! I was able to make a beautiful mosaic
quilt in color from a black and white photo of my mother as a
child from 1937. I created an heirloom quilt that will be in the
family for generations to come. The technique is so simple
even a novice quilter can create an incredible piece of
textile art. I am currently working on another portrait,
and plan to make quilts of more family members, this is
Thanks Tammie!

Cheryll Handy, Pasadena, CA
It was a fun experience to watch my photo “appear” as
the fabric pieces were added!

Marcy Young, Sherman Oaks, CA


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Student Comments

I’ve been quilting for 3 years and have never seen any-
thing like your quilts, and I just had to take your class! It
looked difficult but in fact is so easy and fun!! It was like
paint by number but with fabric. Thanks for bringing this
technique to us.

Debbie Sparr, Los Angeles, CA
Thank you for inspiring me to make mosaic fabric photo-
graphs of everyone in my family for Christmas presents
this year (2003). I began in January and by 11:30pm
December 24th, I had finished eighteen! When I saw
episode #819 of Simply Quilts, I called you on the phone
and you were kind enough to spend quite a while encouraging me. Thanks again!

Peggy Johnson, Lake Oswego, OR