Student Comments

Tammie is a lovely, energetic & wildly creative woman! I
thought quilted photography would be intense and
difficult, but with amazing results only half of that is
true, her technique is simple, clear and it does yield
amazing results!

Alexis Durham, Manhattan Beach, CA
I learned more about color value in the one day class
than at Art School! Tammie’s instructions were great! I
watched my photo come to life in the class. I will treasure
my quilt for a lifetime!

Darlen Lee, Acton, CA


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Student Comments

We enjoyed your class very much. You made it so easy.
We had so many great comments on the quilts we made.
We are planning on making 6 more!

Martha Christensen & Cora Hall, Carson, CA
Dear Tammie,
I am thankful that your class was available. After ten
years, it took my quilting to a higher level!

Ozellia Crawford, Los Angeles, CA