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Student Comments

Tammie, I really enjoyed making this quilt — it was such
fun to see my husband come to life before my eyes! I made
the quilt for a challenge project in our quilt guild. The
theme was “When Quilters Talk, They Say It With Color.”
Blue is associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes
trust, loyalty, wisdom,confidence, intelligence, understanding,
integrity, seriousness, and truth — all attributes that describe
my husband. The technique used to make the quilt also represents
Al’s ability to move beyond the minute details in order to see
the big picture of any situation. He is my true blue love, so
I named the quilt, My True Blue You/Love Is Blue. Thanks for
providing a terrific computer program that helped make this
quilt so much fun to make!

Annie Unrein,

I had a great time making “Evan” my grandson.
At first I thought this is not looking like anything and
“pow” there he was. This work has won 2 awards. One for
a quilt show and one for an art show. So exciting!
Tammie your process is fun and exciting to do.
Thank you

Pat Carlson,