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Extra Wide Fusible Tricot
This fusible tricot was carefully tested for use while making stitched art projects. It is transparent, lightweight and has a superior adhesive to firmly hold your fabric pieces in place. This fusible tricot is 60″ wide and the package contains 2 yards. Tricot can be used along with Grid Guides. Imported from France
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Gerber Daisey Printed Pattern
Click the picture on the left to get close-up details about this pattern. This is a beautiful Contoured Pixel pattern described in the book "How To Sew Art"
Available Qty: 39

Value Isolation Tool
Use this simple and portable to to sort your fabric by Color Value the easy way!
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Available Qty: 16

How To Sew Art Book Package Deal
Master The 9 Secrets For Transforming Ordinary Fabric Into Fine Art & Profit. Tammie takes your hand and leads you step-by-step through the award winning Contoured Pixel TechniqueTM. She uses this amazing technique to win art quilt contests and clients and in this book, she will teach you to do it too! This discounted package includes Book, DVD, Contoured Pixel Software and one yard of the amazing Quilting Film! With this package you'll have all the tools you need to learn and get started!
Available Qty: 35

Valuations 2.0
Sort your fabric by COLOR VALUE the easy way!
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Student Comments

Tammie is a lovely, energetic & wildly creative woman! I
thought quilted photography would be intense and
difficult, but with amazing results only half of that is
true, her technique is simple, clear and it does yield
amazing results!

Alexis Durham, Manhattan Beach, CA
“Tammie’s quilted photos are so slick to make; they come together like magic! Besides being fun to make, It’s fun to bask in all the compliments.”

Ami Simms, Quilt book author, award winning quilter