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Package Deal

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Master The 9 Secrets For Transforming
Ordinary Fabric Into Fine Art & Profit.

Have you ever dreamed of being an artist? In this revolutionary new book, you will find the inspiring story of how Tammie Bowser became an artist and she’ll teach you how to become an artist too.  Tammie takes your hand and leads you step-by-step through the award winning Contoured Pixel  TechniqueTM. She uses this amazing technique to win art quilt contests and clients!
This discounted package includes Book, DVD, Contoured Pixel Software
and one yard of the amazing Quilting Film!

With this package you’ll have all the tools you need to learn and get started!

The Techniques Are Easy!

You will master the Core Concepts that make sewing art easy. Follow me and you’ll be sewing fine art out of ordinary fabrics (easily found at any fabric store) and a sewing machine in as little as ONE WEEK! The diagrams and instructions make the process so easy to understand that even a beginner can do it! Each book comes with a free online video course to guide you.

Read This Book & Learn:

How to make your fabric look like paint!

How to use thread like it’s a paint brush!

How to stitch the perfect image!

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Student Comments

Making my mosaic quilt was fast, fun & easy. Not at all as
hard as it looks. Everyone that sees my quilt is impressed,
especially my six year old son (he is on the quilt). I can’t
believe I made it in one class. Can’t wait to make my other two kids a picture quilt!

Debbie Hoshizaki, Los Angeles, CA
“Tammie Bowser’s methods give you the tools to make heirloom-quality quilts on your first try. She has created a program that breaks down a process that would be unfathomably complicated for a busy quilter and makes it fun and fast to do. The results are nothing short of stunning in every case.”
Sue Ann Taylor, Founder of Quilters News Network