Quilted Photography DVD – Sewing With Nancy

Learn how to Sew Art with Tammie as she teaches Nancy on this PBS tv show.


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Student Comments

For a long time I had been trying to introduce pictures
into my quilts, so I learned different techniques to make
memory quilts. It was OK for a while, but your Quilted
Photography was what I was looking for! It is a real
picture experience. I LOVE IT!

Francisca Reynoso, Valley Glen, CA

Tammie’s method is ingenious! I was able to make a beautiful mosaic
quilt in color from a black and white photo of my mother as a
child from 1937. I created an heirloom quilt that will be in the
family for generations to come. The technique is so simple
even a novice quilter can create an incredible piece of
textile art. I am currently working on another portrait,
and plan to make quilts of more family members, this is
Thanks Tammie!

Cheryll Handy, Pasadena, CA