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Student Comments

I had a great time making “Evan” my grandson.
At first I thought this is not looking like anything
and “pow” there he was. This work has won 2 awards.
One for a quilt show and one for an art show.
So exciting! Thank you
PS Tammie your process is fun and exciting to do.

Pat Carlson,
Tammie, I wanted to share my first quilt with you. I have
been thinking about making a quilt for several years, but
didn’t feel I had the time. When I saw you on
with Nancy, I immediately looked for your website as
I knew that this process would be relatively quick.
I loved pressing the pieces on and seeing the pattern
come to life. Thanks for your software and your
quilting process. I have attached both my quilt
and the photo I used for the pattern.

Shari Sands,